Classic FM Award for Audience Innovation

Tasmin Little, a violinist reaching out to the next generation

It is safe to assume that classical music is an integral part of your life. But cast your mind back to how that began. Through the advocacy of a passionate schoolteacher? Imaginative broadcasting on television or radio – or these days, of course, the internet? Perhaps a chance encounter which captured your attention? Nurturing the next generation of classical music lovers is vital, and that’s what this award celebrates. And it is highly appropriate that it is sponsored by Classic FM, dedicated to bringing classical music to the widest possible audience.

This year’s winner is Tasmin Little for her Naked Violin project. The British violinist’s initiative offers, for free, new recordings of works by Bach, Ysäye and Paul Patterson on her website:

But it’s about more than just the music. Little has recorded guides to help teachers use the recordings in the classroom, and on another track discusses the difference between her two violins – a Guadagnini and a Strad – and invites listeners to form their own opinion. The site is an easy-to-follow introduction for anybody not familiar with downloading.

The Naked Violin garnered wide press coverage, further helping Little in her mission to reach out to new listeners. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, all three are wonderful performances from this most committed and inspiring of musicians. And they’re still there: so log on, and download.


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