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Telling the story of South African anti-Apartheid writer Nat Nakasa
'The education sector is in danger of settling for musical "experiences" that introduce and engage young audiences but have no clear target to strive for'
'I have never felt closer to Chopin and I have never felt more joy in my professional life'
Today's fragmented musical culture presents an opportunity to follow your own creative impulses
The relative neglect of music by female composers remains frustrating and puzzling
Rem Urasin explains the creative journey behind his Rachmaninov and Shostakovich arrangements for cello and piano
Pianist Barry Douglas wonders at the rare communicative and emotional power of Celtic culture
'Sad as it is, to the majority of my parents, choral singing is a totally new experience for them and their offspring'
'There are so many beautiful, exciting, fierce, shocking, surprising, challenging pieces out there that are very, very rarely performed'
What are the values that our politicians appreciate and how clever are their actions in the long run? Asks Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä, the DNCO's Concertmaster


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