Discover more about Weltethos by Jonathan Harvey

Martin Cullingford7th Dec 2012
Watch Simon Halsey's introduction to Weltethos belowWatch Simon Halsey's introduction to Weltethos below

One of Jonathan Harvey's final works was also one of his most ambitious. Weltethos, a work which aims to 'give expression to the common values of world religions' - with a libretto by theologian Hans Küng drawing on texts about Confucius, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha and Jesus as well as Hindu writings - was performed by the Berlin Philharmonic under Sir Simon Rattle a year ago, and received its British premiere as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Simon Halsey, who was both choirmaster and co-conductor of the performance, offers an introduction to the work below. You can see a highlights trailer at the Berlin Philharmonic's Digital Concert Hall - where you can also watch the whole performance (for which a subscription is required).

You can also learn more about the music of composer Jonathan Harvey, who died earlier this week, in our guide to his work.



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