Single Driver Horn Loudspeakers

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Single Driver Horn Loudspeakers

Does anyone have any views on these? I have done a little reading on them, but opinions seem to vary enormously. Good mid-range reproduction but problems with extreme treble and bass response seems to be the general view. Also coloration seems to be an issue.

I have the opportunity of acquiring a pair of these from a friend who is upgrading. They sound OK to me on small scale, acoustic recordings. Very lifelike and excellent spatial placement. First class imaging. But am not sure about large scale orchestral pieces. The drivers are made by Fostex.

Any views would be greatfully received before I make a decision either way.

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Single Driver Horn Loudspeakers

I also wondered if there were any technical reasons why horn loudpseakers might not be a good idea. erotic women bodystocking and hosiery

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