A really unfair situation

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A really unfair situation

Since a while DG opened an attractive web page from which it could be possible to dowload pre paid real good historical items together with the usual new products at good prices. During last time they added some Decca rceordings. They were not very much acquainted as they were unable to answer me the simple question about if I could download a tracked long work, as operas, not getting fully gapped private burnt CD's (I, as many other customers, prefer, obviousy, to listen classical music through our stereo systems), but this is no more than the universal ignorance that affect a lot of people arround the world even about their own field of business.

The problem is other. They allowed practically the whole world to download pre paid music. Suddenly they stopped the old page and announced spectacular news for a new page, now in other hands. Many stupid ones sent conratulations when that "new page" appeared, functioning just as a CD store, now in British hands. Since a short while they announced that downloads everywhere was discontinued "by the moment" and that they were arranging the recovery of such situation. I think this is outrageous. It's a worldwide use that a "right" or a convenient situation, 'never' can be elimintated. If they are arranging the pevious situation they ought to wait for opening the new web page until previous situation was reached, avoiding to appear 'free' offending a tremendous amount of worldwide customers. It's unexplainable that while many other stores allow worldwide downloads, as Quobuz, eClassical, Classiconline, Preiser Record, Fnac, etc., Amazon and Passionato (and now this one), remain without that possibility, continuously promising that the situation will be fixed "very, very soon". The most disagreable perspective of this is that they do not give any explanation, giving this ugly situation the plus of poor transparency.

I am an old MD collector from Santiago de Chile and I am sincerely sorry to experience that old bad uses with respect of people from abroad seem to be there, back some rigid good manners.

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RE: A really unfair situation

It does seem a very strange situation - to prevent users from some countries from spending money to download their recordings.

Anyone would think that they didn't want the business!


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