A serendipitous moment.

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A serendipitous moment.

It's 1983 and I'm in a darkroom processing negatives for print production. The radio is blaring pop pap from BBC Radio 1 as usual, Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo, Spandau Ballet were the best of the output.

Maybe the chemicals got to me but in sheer frustration I turned the dial to quit the noise. Radio 3 was playing some orchestral sounds that just made me stop and listen to a soundscape alien to me. I don't remember what was playing but it was enough to make me visit W H Smith that weekend and randomley pluck from the LP's available Shumann's Rhenish symphony. I know it was Kubelik and I'm sure it was a CFP album. I love that symphony to this day.

This was my intro into a world of wonder and never ending amazement. Next, Sheherezade, Pathetique, Mozart, Falla, Mahler all of which I no longer listen to now, sadly. Then Vaughan Williams, Walton, Berg, Part, Ireland, MacMillan ................it's never ending from such a serendipitous beginning.

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