Aaron Copland/Serge Koussevitzky photo in August, 2o1o Gramophone

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Aaron Copland/Serge Koussevitzky photo in August, 2o1o Gramophone

What a fascinating photograph in the August, 2o1o issue of Gramophone accompanying the article about Aaron Copland!  In it, two masters, Aaron Copland and Serge Koussevitzky, are bedecked in their dress whites and seem to be engaged in a spirited conversation.  Not pointed out in the caption, but worthy of note, is the gentleman--wearing a bow tie with his black tuxedo--standing between the two titans:  a young Leonard Bernstein!   To see the protege of both Copland (composer) and Koussevitzky (conductor) soaking in the knowledge of his dual mentors is a snapshot for the ages.

Paul Ludger Evans

Baltimore, Md., U.S.A.

p.s.,  I'm quite fortunate to be living in the city where our under-rated band, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, is currently and capably led by a Bernstein pupil, Marin Alsop.  So there is a thread from a young conductor from tsarist Russia (Serge K.), through an American (Lenny B.), to a New York-born Marin A. (who co-incidentally won the Koussevitzky Prize while a student under Lenny at Tanglewood, and earned her chops in Britain) to her audiences in Baltimore.  Music is indeed a universal and timeless wonder!

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