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Alberic Magnard

Any Magnard fans out there? He's a composer I keep forgetting and when I come back to his music I realize how good it is.

Perhaps he's still awaiting the right recording champion. The Plasson cycle of his four symphonies was a decent introduction but tended to make him sound like Rameau Meets Wagner and the recording is so-so. Sanderling has a far, far better grasp of the structure of these works and a much better recording, but perhaps misses a little of the passion and energy. I haven't heard the Ossonce recordings and would love to get a reaction from somebody who can compare them to the Sanderlings.

Guercoeur is an intriguing work and makes for fine listening, although I'd love to see live performance or dvd. Certainly, for me, he's a lesser composer well worth seeking out.

RE: Alberic Magnard

I listened to an LP today that I had forgotten about. It has Magnard´s Hymne a Venus, a strong piece with a gorgeous opening passage. I bought the LP originally though because it has one of my favourite orchestral miniatures Busoni´s Nocturne Symphonique. Speaking of Busoni and opera, Tagalie, or anyone else, do you have any thoughts on Doktor Faust? I bought Nagano´s recording a few years back expecting great things but I was left seriuously unmoved.   

RE: Alberic Magnard

The old Fischer Dieskau Faust is excellent, though cut.

There's also a good dvd with Hampson playing Faust. Hampson generally isn't in good voice these days but he sounds fine here.

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