Astor Piazzolla : a great composer for all times?

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RE: Astor Piazzolla : a great composer for all times?

Can you enlighten us, Adrian3, which expert has claimed that Piazzolla is a folk musician (!) in the line of Joan Baez and Bod Dylan (I never heard, even by experts in the field, that these two are folk musicians ?!).

The fact that Piazzolla's music is constantly recorded in classical labels by classical artists does not mean anything to you? The fact that his compositions are performed all over the world by world class artists, compared to the almost forgotten songs, performed only in specific places(mostly in US) of the other two artists, is a negligible detail, I guess. The fact that Piazzolla wrote specific and definitive scores of even complex works for chamber ensembles, String and Symphonic Orchestra made him a typical folk composer, I think.

Of course, no one is going to compare him with Sibelius or Mahler, but do we compare Ligetti, Messiaen, Hindemith or Britten with anybody else, when we evaluate them as great?


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