Do you know something about Jakob Gimpel??

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Do you know something about Jakob Gimpel??

I ask this to you because until a few years I didnt know nothing about this polish pianist (brother from violinist Bronislaw Gimpel), who during 2nd War goes to USA literally for survive, and  in that country lacking absolutely of a trading sense he earned his life playing music for animated films, the most famous was that entitled "Johann Mouse", which won Oscar award to best musical soundtrack in 1951, but finally he reached the recognize and returns to Germany playing and recording Beethoven "Emperor" and Brahms # 1 piano concertos, and recorded both with Berlin Philharmonic Orch conducted by ....Rudolf Kempe, later an important musical figure in England, who was first Thomas Beecham assistant, and after his death titular conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orch . This is "Johann Mouse" film, if you dont have seen it before:

and this a fragment of Brahms # 1 piano concerto, in Jakob Gimpel-Rudolf Kempe s version

Best regards. Excuse my english please! oscar.olavarria




RE: Do you know something about Jakob Gimpel??

Yes Oscar I have the Brahms concerto 1 with Kempe and Berlin Phil on a Royal Classics CD plus another with Chopin concerto 1 and Berlin Symphony with Georg Ludwig Jochum (brother of Eugen?) conducting with some solo Chopin on the same label. They were produced some years ago in the Netherlands under licence from EMI and sold at bargain price before EMI introduced their own bargain label.

I also have a recollection of reading that he made some of the first recordings for George Mendelssohn when he started the Vox record label in the USA after WWII.

I was interested to hear what you said about him as I knew little else.

Regards 33lp 

RE: Do you know something about Jakob Gimpel??

My father had his recording of Beethoven's 5th concerto. A very enjoyable performance.


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