Is Gustav Mahler really a profound composer??

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Is Gustav Mahler really a profound composer??

normally we tend to confuse complicated with "profound" or "trascendent", and I think Mahlers music is precisely a good example of this. I dont want to say that I dont like Mahlers music, not, I like it very much, specially 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th symphonies, but I dont think that this be a music profound or trascendent (in a filosophical sense), I think that, more than profound, this is not a difficult, but an intrincated or complicated music. I say this because (I think you ll agree with me in this) his melodies are sometimes basic (like the "Frere Jacques" in Titan symphony) or 4th symphony 1st movt principal theme, or sometimes undefined, like the "adagietto" in 5th symphony, more simple a "theme without ends" that we could repeat inlimitedly, one and more times. I got the impression that Mahler projets and projects, but isnt capable to concrete, in this sense I think that Sibelius, for example, is a  more complete or elaborated musician in his discurse, than your "languid" and unespecified Mahler. Adolfo Salazar, an spanish musicologist, explained this saying  that like the other musicians after Beethovens era, logically Mahler wanted too reach Beethovens greatness, but like he was unable to do it through his themes, he treated to do it using a greatest orchestra and a more lengthy or extensive compositions, but that was insuficcient, and pitifully in place of "majesty" he only reach an external element...."monumentality"!!, and in my concept only an empty monumentality, but I also like Mahlers music very much! What do you think about this?? Best whishes. oscar.olavarria

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