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Jolly Schubert

Is it simply my imagination or does the image of Schubert on the front cover of the March 2012 issue closely resemble former editor James Jolly? 

RE: Jolly Schubert

He be right jolly thaart Schubert, is Octet be a barrel o laughs from beginning to end. He caught a cold and died though, I get the sniffles sometimes but dying of the sniffles be right unlucky.

RE: Jolly Schubert

Devon Farmer wrote:

 I get the sniffles sometimes but dying of the sniffles be right unlucky.

Although in your case it might lead to reincarnation into yet another persona which with luck would result in something less tiresome than this present disguise.


RE: Jolly Schubert


'All things bright and bootiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wunderful
The Lord God made them all...'

Oh there you are Devon Farmer oi was getting' carried away there! Sorry bout that.

Now oim right glad you sniffed it rather than snuffed it. Oi was worried in case we'd lost ee. S'orite innit!

Ere! Oim sure I saw ee yesterday down at Tavistock market. You was lookin' through the second hand record box. It was me wot shouted out 'wrong Englebert Humperdinck!' but my wife gave me such a clout so she did. Jeepers moi lugholes are still ringin'.

Now you just set back and enjoy your Sunday roast. Moine's ready. Excuse me:

'Bless us oh lord and these thy gifts which we are about to receive through thy bounty, especially useful to us farmers in this time of austerity. Amen'

Now don't eat too many of them sprouts. Terribly repetitive so they can be. Mind you that shouldn't really bother 'ee.

And then put your feet up in your farmhouse kitchen, and listen to some serious, not hilarious, music. Try Beethoven's Mass in C.

Thankin' ee


Hi Ludwg. Hpe u don mind me sendin u a txt mes. How u doin? - Yrs. Frz Scbrt.

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