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Listening Project

Perhaps this might be a fun and useful way of getting acquainted with new music. The

Everyone who wants to join selects one piece so that we end up with a list of works.
Then, every week, one piece is selected, starting at the top of the list. Everyone
gives this piece a thorough listen and posts his/her opinions, findings, and/or
criticism of the piece in this topic. After one week, the next piece on the
list is selected, and so on until we are through and can start over again.


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RE: Listening Project

Hmm, don't know what happened in that first post, and for some reason the 'edit' button is not there. Could a moderator please remove all the gobbledygook at the top of the post?


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RE: Listening Project

Sorry about that - I've fixed the formatting!



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RE: Listening Project


The list with upcoming works for the Listening Project will be updated in this post:



Herman Koppel - Symphony no.3 (Bazza)

Michael Nymann - Memorial (Graham)

Matthijs Vermeulen - Symphony no. 5 (Brumas)

Alfred Schnittke - String quartet no. 4 (Chris)

Francesco Cavalli - Salve Regina (Chris)

Giacinto Scelsi - Aion (Brumas)

Nino Rota - Sinfonia no. 1 (Graham)

Kalevi Aho: Symphony No. 13, "Symphonic Character Studies" (Bazza)

Korngold - string sextet (Chris)

Jospeh Martin Krauss - Symphony in c-minor (Bazza)

Georg Friedrich Haas - in vain (Brumas)

Sergey Taneyev - Symphony in c-minor (Bazza)

W.A. Mozart - Mozart's Fantasia in D minor (K397) in three versions (Chris)

Johannes Brahms - Rinaldo (Bazza)

Schubert - Symphony no. 10 (50 mill)

Schumann - Humoresque (Naupilus)

Harrison Birtwistle  Tragoedia (Chris)

Anonymous/Saval/Figueras - El Cant de La Sibil·la - Catalane version (Brumas)

Oliver Messiaen - L'apparition de l'eglise eternelle (Brumas)

Berlioz - La Mort De Cléopâtre (Bazza)


21-04: Penderecki - Violin Concerto no.1 (Brumas)


28-04: Langgaard - Sfaerernes musik (Bazza)

05-05: Schoenberg - Violin Concerto

12-05: Franz Schmidt: Piano Quintet in G major (Chris)

19-05: Villa Lobos - Choros Nº10 (Bazza)

26-05: John Zorn - Bateau Ivre (Brumas)





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RE: Listening Project

You're all wasting your time. Whatever you pick, Parla will already have listened to it. 

RE: Listening Project

Haha, challenge accepted! 

Based on your description, at least WE can get to know a lot of new music through HIM though.


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RE: Listening Project

I'll nominate Hermann Koppel's 3rd symphony. It's available on the Naxos Music Library and here:

RE: Listening Project

To push the boundaries, what about "Memorial" by Michael Nyman for piece number two. He wrote it as a memorial to the victims of the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985 and the music was subsequently borrowed by Peter Greenaway in his film "The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover" starring Michael Gambon and Helen Mirren.

Pulsating, hypnotic English minimalism which I really enjoy. It is on youtube in various guises.

Good idea for a post, brumas.


RE: Listening Project

My nomination will be Matthijs Vermeulen - Symphony no.5 'les lendemains chantants'.


Shall we say we start each week on sunday? Then it's 

Week 01, 25-11-2012: Hermann Koppel - Symphony no. 3 (BazzaReiley)

Week 02: 02-12-2012: Michael Nymann - Memorial (Graham J)

Week 03: 09-12-2012: Matthijs Vermeulen - Symphony no. 5 (brumas est mort)


And anyone who wants to join just quotes this post and adds his/her nomination underneath the list.


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RE: Listening Project

Since you started with this marginal repertory, what about Vejvanovsky's Ave sanctissimum Redemptoris or Juliusz Wolfsohn's Hebrew Suite op.8?

I'm not joining in; I'm just wondering how far on the edge of the repertory we may go and who is going to (be in a position to) respond.

Anyway, good luck.


RE: Listening Project

Well, there's no need to traverse into the outer reaches of obscurity, it's just to make sure no one will add pieces like the Beethoven Violin concerto or the Schubert's Forelle quintet... 


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