Music in literature

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Music in literature

For music lovers who also like a good read, how about some suggestions of books that feature music?

Can I begin with a recommendation of Vikram Seth's "An Equal Music"?  

Part of the blurb on the back cover of my edition is: "The finest novel about music ever written in English".   Over the top perhaps, but it's the best one I know of, although to be fair, it's first and foremost a love story.  The protagonists are musicians, the narrator being a second violinist in a string quartet.  A considerable list of chamber music features: selection, rehearsal, performance, the complex interaction between the players - but it is the intimacy and the detail of the effect of each piece that is so convincingly conveyed (to this non-musician, anyway).

The fact that Decca released a double CD with the music featured (466 945-2) shows how much music is involved.

I found the novel a truly great read, combining two of my greatest passions, and would love to know of other novels that feature music. Any suggestions?



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RE: Music in literature RE: Music in literature

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RE: Music in literature

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RE: Music in literature

If you don't get music with your ears you not going to get much reading about it. You not getting the point dikwad is you.

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RE: Music in literature

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