Pole dancer.

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Hugh Jarsse
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Pole dancer.

I'm a European. I like paninis, I like panna Cotta, I like piano forte, I like panna kournikova, I like panam airlines, I like the panama canal, I'm as european as you can get without having a bidet. So what about Panufnik. A Pole working in the UK is pretty run of the mill these days, but I don't want a dentist and I don't want a plumber. Anyone prepared to 'give it up' for Panufnik. Explore (ex Decca) have symphonies 5 and 6 at a very good exchange rate. But I've thrown good money at these second rate Poles before, Arvo Part has left a very bad taste in my mouth and I like taramasalata. £4.50 on Amazon, deal or no deal.

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