Rattle Replacement

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Rattle Replacement

So the Rattle has announced he is off........Any guesses as to who might replace him?

My thoughts: (1) they will go for someone fairly young as they like to appoint for long periods and prefer long-term stability; (2) must be someone with a decent brand image and recording track record (they won't want to take too many risks); (3) democratic, rather than autocratic in style (they don't like Hitler very much).

My guess: Dudamel (already doing some guest conducting there, very popular if a bit suspect), or (better still) Vladimir Jurowksi (great image, impeccable credentials, does the standard repertoire, family already based in Berlin).


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RE: Rattle Replacement

Let's face it - anyone would be an improvement over fuzzyhead.

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RE: Rattle Replacement

rattle replacement:or, the Fort-Da thread


try to keep up!

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