Wandering through classical music

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Wandering through classical music

So, I'm on something of a journey through classical music.

Started as a teenager with Vivaldi's four seasons because my friends and I thought it looked sophisticated (ha!). Got a box set of Beethoven symphonies and fell in love. Moved on to Mozart symphonies and piano sonatas.

In my 20s I enjoyed some Prokofiev and Bach particularly Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations/preludes and fugues. Chopin also appeared.

Late 20s got lost in house music/britpop.

Early 30s returned to Beethoven but the late piano sonatas. Discovering Richard Strauss' 4 Last Songs through the proms felt like a major turning point. On to Brahms symphonies, so stirring and inspirational!

Elgar's Sea Pictures - what beauty!

Sibelius 1 and 2!

and now in my 40s, to cap it all, I have discovered the Mahler symphonies and it feels like a whole new world has opened up. Mahler seems to have everything.

I guess I've ended up here because none of my peer group share the interest.

So where next? What journeys have everyone else been on?



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