Edwin Fischer plays Bach, Mozart and Schumann

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Edwin Fischer plays Bach, Mozart and Schumann

 From the link below, under the heading "Classical", you will find performances by Edwin Fischer,  processed from 78s, of

Bach, Piano (Cembalo?) Concerto in F minor

Mozart, Piano Concert in E flat major, K.482

Schumann, Fantasy in C minor , Op 17

The Bach is very concise and melodic, the slow movement being a "paler shade of "whiter shade..."" if that's not too obscure. The Mozart is a big production, Trumpets, Horns and Drums to beef up the texture. The 3rd movement is odd in that there is a contrasting section, Andante cantabile before we return to the rumpty-tumpty rhythm of the movements start and end..with a sort of false ending to keep you on your toes. It seems that the cadenzas were Fischer's own.  The Schumann is a rhapsodic piece as its title suggests and the pianists task is to control the ebb and flow of the music keeping the listener involved. I think that Fischer does this superbly with a limpid tone for passagework and contemplative sections but with plenty of muscular drive elsewhere. I also have three Schubert impromptus by him but thought I would put them up at a later date with a Schubert Sonata in A minor by Lili Kraus and any other Schubert piano pieces I've got.



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