For modern music...Honegger!!!

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For modern music...Honegger!!!

speaking about modern music, recently by accident arrived to my hands a Naxos CD with Honeggers music, specifically symphony No 3 "Liturgique", symphonic poems "Pacific 231" and "Rugby" and two other works, all with New Zealand Symphony Orch conducted by japanese conductor Takuo Yuasa. I never had hear Honeggers music before, and now I could say to you that this is a fascinanting music, vigorous,colourful, non atonal music like we could think, close to Respighi, Prokofiev or Stravinskys music (he was contemporary from those musicians). I think that this Cd is the ideal to iniciate anybody in this music, thought perhaps could be influenced in my opinion the version, Mr Terry Barfout in Musicweb considers this CD one of the best of the collection, he says:

"Takuo Yuasa’s performances
easily equal all previous versions (except
perhaps Scherchen’s Pacific 231),
and his is also the finest performance
of Rugby I’ve ever heard, better
even than the Bernstein’s. This music
has never sounded so good as on this
disk, obviously a high resolution master,
with a giant bass drum right up front.
If you already have satisfactory recordings
of this repertoire, you may want to
wait for the surround-sound DVD-Audio
which should be a top-bracket hi-fi
demonstration disk. If you can’t wait,
this is one of the finest sounding CDs
I’ve ever heard — at any price"

I need now listen all the other works of this composer and also from the others designated like "The Six", I recommend this CD to you fervorously. oscar.olavarria


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