Hans Schmidt Isserstedt: the Telefunken recordings

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Hans Schmidt Isserstedt: the Telefunken recordings

Im speaking of a box with 3 CDs from TAHRA french label, that contents Schuberts 9th symphony, Tchaikovskys "Pathetique" symphony, Haydns 92th and Dvoraks 9th "New World" symphony, and other minor works, all conducted by austrian conductor Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt, founder of NDR Orch from Hamburg, for me another great conductor from the past, practically forgotten to day, like also Joseph Keilberth or Ferdinand Leitner, and others. I need to say you that Ive always been felt certain distrust of this label productions, but in this case Ive been completely satisfied because Schuberts "The Great" and Tchaikovskys "Pathetique" versions are into the best Ive heard, in Schuberts "The Great": Erich Kleiber, Josef Krips, Jeffrey Tate, and about "Pathetique" symphony Ive found it better than Giulini-Los Angeles version, inclusive, a classic, or not?. This two works "per se" justified the purchase  I recomend it to you. Do you know this recordings? what do you think about this conductor?oscar.olavarria

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