I am not a Solti s "fan", and this are my reasons!!

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I am not a Solti s "fan", and this are my reasons!!

previously, I need explain to you that Im not a Georg Solti s fan like probably you are, and thats because of a half a dozen recordings from him I bought in 80th years, which were Tchaikovskys Pathetique symphony, Schuberts 9th or "The Great" symphony, Beethoven "Eroica" symphony, Mozarts concertos for 2 and 3 pianos, with Andras Schiff and Daniel Barenboim, etc. Those were expensive but at the same time dispensable recordings, and they were the cause of my disbelief and certain anthipathy against this conductor. Later I also saw a video from him conducting I dont remember what piece, and I could see him moving clumsily like a "boxer"in the podium, and I found him absolutely unaesthetic, and that was really a torture for me, and after that I avoided during 10 years or more to buy a disc from him. Only recently my opinion about him has been enhancing, after hear Elgars violin concerto version with korean violinist Kyun Wha Chung, recording in which the best in my opinion is precisely orchestral accompaniment nothing more than by Solti, and Beethovens Eroica symphony with Chicago Symphony Orchestra recorded in 70s, recording which is inmensely superior than posterior from the 80s with the same orchestra (even the sound!), CD that Ive bought by the first time. But also Ive heard from him Bruckners 7th symphony and Mahlers 2nd symphony, and I think he got only mediocre results in that performances. In something works I consider preferables Karajan or Bemsteins versions, inclusive. Sorry, Im not a Soltis "fan". I am wrong or not??oscar.olavarria

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