Johannes Ockeghem Mass Settings

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Johannes Ockeghem Mass Settings


An SOS for some recommendations please.

Johannes Ockeghem - date of birth variously given as 1410,1420 or even as late as 1430 - 1497.

I did create a few months ago a topic on Ockeghem, but can't locate it, so I am creating a new one.

I have two mass settings currently by Johannes Ockeghem - Missa L'homme arme - Oxford Camerata/Summerly on Naxos, and the Missa de plus en plus, Orlando Consort on Brillaint Classics (Highly recommended in Penguin Guide).

These two settings are exceptionally beautiful - austere and lucid at the same time, as the critics generally note, and with awesome harmonies.

Have just ordered the other Naxos disc of full mass settings by Ockeghem - which comprises the Missa Prolationum and the Requiem (earliest extant setting of I believe, and much admired by Gyorgi Ligeti).That totals four. After that I am struggling. and there are some 14 mass settings by this composer.

I would like to put together the whole set, so any recommendations for others that are currently available are most welcome. (Oddrydd I haven't yet tracked down the Missa Caput on ASV Gaudeamus).

If anyone wants to broaden this topic, to include Obrecht and Josquin, who I have yet to explore, and who are roughly contemporaneous with Ockeghem, then be my guest.

Best wishes all


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