Unfinished Business: Schubert

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Unfinished Business: Schubert

1) Date needed

No not that kind of date! What kind of forum do you think this is?!

Date required: Schubert symphonies 5/8 Berlin Philharmonic Karl Bohm on Deutsche Grammophon Gesellchaft LP number139162. There is no date on the sleeve or on the inner label of the disc. The sleeve notes were penned by Karl Schumann. Anyone know?

2) Not normally one for comapring different versions of the same work, I have three versions of the Unfinished. Apart from the one above, I also have Cantelli with the Philharmonia, and Sinopoli with the Philharmonia on DG LP coupled with Mendelssohn's Italian.

Can anyone top the Bohm and the Cantelli (my favourite of the three) with any recent-ish recordings of the Unfinished?

3) Whilst looking at the scores section in Foyle's music department a year or two ago I was puzzled to see that Schubert's 8 in B Minor (Eulenberg) was now classed as Symphony no. 7, or else mine eyes deceive me. Does anyone know anything about this? Have Schubert's Symphonies been re-numbered by Eulenberg?

Cheers all




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