Cecilia Bartoli

Born: 1966


A star from her first recording for Decca, Bartoli has occupied a position at the pinnacle of her profession. She pursues a singular path, creating her own projects, championing unusual repertoire and selling vast numbers of recordings. Her prime focus is music of the Baroque and Classical periods.

Bartoli: a tribute by Jean-Yves Thibaudet 

'I have been lucky to work with Bartoli on many occasions and she is just an extraordinary talent. What she is capable of musically and technically is just unique, a miracle. But add to that the gift that she has for communicating electrifying energy when she is on stage and it all makes for something which is really remarkable. To have the talent is one thing but to make that connection as well – that’s very special.

'When Cecilia is on stage every person in the audience thinks that she is singing just for them. And when she speaks to you it is precisely the same: she looks you right in the eyes and, regardless of who you are, at that particular moment you are the most important person in the world for her.

'When you perform with her you can’t breathe, you are just under her spell. The moment she steps on stage she owns it, she owns the whole room.' 


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