History was made in Helsinki on Monday, but remarkable things happened on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday too
If we downplay opera’s theatrical priorities we rope it off into an even more moribund corner of our cultural discourse
How can we properly celebrate a composer of Sibelius’s breadth if we only ever programme his symphonies?
The unorthodox Winter Olympics snowboarding commentary gave us a glimpse of the culture of the sport – we should try that more for music
Misleading and clumsy adjectives undermine the work of the global musical community – we should make them extinct
As a recent report highlighted London’s disproportionate arts spending, here’s one straightforward way of addressing the divide
Bryn Terfel has the musical wisdom to see a particular work’s innate qualities; Leopold Stokowski simply invented his own
Musicians who outsource their tweets have misunderstood the purpose of social media – and they look a bit boring, too
12 Tónar in Reykjavik isn’t just a charming wonderland of music, it’s a big iron-clad lesson in how to shift CDs in the 21st century
The record industry savours discoveries from the past – perhaps our orchestras should try a little bit of the same


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