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A Sculptor, Painter and Photographer; Figurative, Landscapes and Still Lifes. I attended a creative and performing arts grade school. I studied toward a B.A. in Music as an amateur musician at a liberal arts college. I attended the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning in Cincinnati; 2 years in Fashion Design, a B.F.A. in the Visual Fine Arts and an M.A. in Art Education. I lived briefly in Paris, France and in Cologne, Germany. My first trip to Europe was to Odessa, Ukraine. I have 2 female cats, no children and I've never been married. My favorite composer of all time ( at least for now ) is W.A. Mozart and tied for second place are Brahms and Beethoven. I am also a huge fan of Robert Schumann and J.S. Bach. Clara Haskil is my favorite pianist ( it's nothing personal towards my other favorites ). My favorite movies are Metropolis, Playtime, Cocteaus' Orphic Trilogy, 3 Penny Opera, Joan of Arc, Manhattan, Seventh Seal and Sawdust and Tinsel I really like to eat, possibly because I don't smoke or drink. Thai and Indian restaurants are my favorites. Caffeine is my crutch. I really do wish that I had more money.


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