Classical Labels and UK Distributors

James McCarthy Thu 1st May 2014

Can't track down that rare recording? This might help...


ABC Classics (New Arts International via Proper Note)

Academy of Ancient Music (Select)

Academy Productions (Discovery Records)

Acanta (Proper Note)

Accentus Music (Select)

Accord (Discovery Records)

Acoustic Music (Discovery Records)

Actes Sud (Harmonia Mundi)

Aeolus (Discovery Records)

Aeon (RSK Entertainment)

Afontibus (Discovery Records)

Alba Records Oy (Discovery Records)

Albion Records (Select)

Alia vox (Harmonia Mundi)

Aliud Records (Discovery Records)

Alpha (RSK Entertainment)

Altissimo! Recordings (Select)

Ambronay (Harmonia Mundi)

Andromeda Music (Discovery Records)

Aparte (Harmonia Mundi)

APR Recordings (Select)

Arbiter (Discovery Records)

Arcade (Discovery Records)

Archer Records (selected titles) (Proper Note)

Archipel (New Arts International)

Ars Musici (Proper Note)

ARS Produktion (Discovery Records)

Arte verum (Harmonia Mundi)

Arthaus Musik (Select)

Artist Recording Co. (Discovery Records)

Arts In Fusion (Discovery Records)

Arts Music (Proper Note)

ASC (Proper Note)

ASO Media (Select)

ASV (Select)

Atma Classique (New Arts International)

Atoll Ltd. (Discovery Records)

Attuned Heart Recordings (Christine Rayner) (Proper Note)

Audite (Harmonia Mundi)

Aurora (Proper Note)

Australian Eloquence (New Arts International)

Avanti (New Arts International)

Avi (New Arts International)

Avie Records (Proper Note)

Axiom Films (Select)


BBC Legends (Select)

Bel Air Classiques (Harmonia Mundi)

Bel Air Music (Proper Note)

BGS Records (Discovery Records)

BIS (Select)

Black Box (Select)

Blue Moon (Discovery Records)

Bluebell (Discovery Records)

BMG (Select)

BMS (Select)

BR Klassik (Select)

Brass Classics (Select)

Bridge (Select)

Brilliant Classics (RSK Entertainment)

Buda Musique (Discovery Records)

Budapest Music Centre (Discovery Records)


C Major Entertainment (Select)

Calliope (New Arts International)

Cameo Classics (Discovery Records)

Canary Classics (Select)

Cantaloupe Music (Select)

Cantolopera (Select)

Cantoris (Discovery Records)

Cantus (New Arts International)

Capriccio (Select)

Caprice Records (Discovery Records)

Capriol Films (Proper Note)

Carl Davis Collection (Select)

Carpe Diem (Select)

Carus (Discovery Records)

Cascavelle (Discovery Records)

CD Accord (Select)

Cedille Records (Select)

Cello Classics (Select)

Challenge Classics (Proper Note)

Champs Hill Records (Select)

Chandos (Select)

Channel Classics (RSK Entertainment)

Chesky Records (Proper Note)

Christopher Nupen (Select)

Christophorus (Harmonia Mundi)

Clarinet Classics (Select)

CLASSIC (Select)

Classical Destinations (Select)

Classico (Proper Note)

Classico Latino Recordings (Proper Note)

Classics (Select) Claudio Records (Select)

Claves (Discovery Records)

Cobra (New Arts International)

Col Legno (Discovery Records)

Collegium Records (Select)

Concerto (Select)

Continuo Classics (Select)

Convivium Records (Harmonia Mundi)

Coro (Select)

Eastern (Discovery Records)

Coviello Classics (Discovery Records)

CPO (Select)

Cryston (Proper Note)

CSO resound (Harmonia Mundi)

Cypres (Discovery Records)


Dacapo (Select)

Dallas Symphony Orchestra (Select)

Danacord (Discovery Records)

Daphne (Discovery Records)

Decca (Discovery Records)

Delos (Select)

Delphian (Harmonia Mundi)

Deutsche Grammophon France (Discovery Records)

Deux-elles (RSK)

Disquiet Media (Proper Note)

Divine art (Select)

Divox (Select)

Documents (Proper Note)

Dom Disques (Discovery Records)

Doremi (Discovery Records)

Dreyer Gaido (Discovery Records)

Ducale (Harmonia Mundi)

Dux (Discovery Records)

Dynamic (Select)


ECM New Series (Proper Note)

Edition Classics (Harmonia Mundi)

Elan Recordings (Discovery Records)

EM Records (Discovery Records)

Emarcy (Discovery Records)

EPM (Discovery Records)

Epr-classic (New Arts International)

Es-Dur (Proper Note)

Estonian Rec Prods. (Discovery Records)

Etcetera Records (Discovery Records)

Euridice (Discovery Records)

Euroarts (Select)

Euterpe Musica (Discovery Records)

Evil Penguin (New Arts International)

Explore Classical (Proper Note)

Exton (Proper Note)


Fabra (Discovery Records)

Fabulous (Discovery Records)

Farao Classics (Select)

Fine Line (Proper Note)

First Hand Records (Discovery Records)

Flora (Harmonia Mundi)

Fondamenta (Select)

Footprint Records AB (Discovery Records)

Four Hands Music (Discovery Records)

Fra Bernardo (Discovery Records)

FraProd (Harmonia Mundi)

Fremeaux (Discovery Records)

Fryderyk Chopin Institute (New Arts International)

Fuga Libera (RSK Entertainment)


Galileo Music (Discovery Records)

GB Records (Proper Note)

Gebhardt (New Arts International)

Genuin Classics (Select)

Gimell (Select)

Globe Editions (Select)

Glossa (Harmonia Mundi)

Glyndebourne (Select)

GPR Records (Select)

Gramola Vienna (Select)

Grand Piano (Select)

Greatest Ever (Discovery Records)

Grong (Discovery Records)


Halle (Discovery Records)

Hänssler (Select)

Harle Records (Select)

Harmonia Mundi (Harmonia Mundi)

Hat[now]art (Harmonia Mundi)

Heart Song Records (Discovery Records)

Hemera (Proper Note)

Heresy Records (Select)

Honens (Select)

Hoob Records (Discovery Records)

House of Classics (Select)

Hungaroton (Discovery Records)

Hyperion (Select)


I solisti del Vento (New Arts International)

IBS classical (New Arts International)

IC Music (Discovery Records)

ICA Classics (Select)

Idil Biret Archive (Select)

Igloo Records (Discovery Records)

Indesens (New Arts International)

Integra Records (Discovery Records)

Intim Musik (Discovery Records)

Intro (Discovery Records)

Irma (Discovery Records)

Ivory Classics (Discovery Records)


Jazz Icons (Select)

Jazzhaus (Select)

JCW Recordings (Select)

Just Accord Music (Discovery Records)


Kairos (New Arts International)

Kissan Productions (Proper Note)

KMI (Discovery Records)


La Dolce Volta (Harmonia Mundi)

Laborie Records (Discovery Records)

Lammas (Discovery Records)

Landor Records (New Arts International)

Larghetto Music (Discovery Records)

Laserlight (Discovery Records)

Lawo Classics (Proper Note)

Leo Records (Discovery Records)

Linn Records (RSK Entertainment)

LIR Classics (Select)

Liverpool Philharmonic (Select)

Lola’s World (Discovery Records)

London Philharmonic Orchestra (Select)

Lorelt (Discovery Records)

Louhi Productions (Discovery Records)

Louth Contemporary Music Society (Proper Note)

LSO Live (Harmonia Mundi)

Ludi Musici (Discovery Records)

Lyrita Recorded Edition (Discovery Records)


Major Classics (Discovery Records)

Malibran (New Arts International)

Marco Polo (Select)

Mariinsky (Harmonia Mundi)

Marquis (Proper Note)

Marsyas (Proper Note)

Maya Recordings (Proper Note)

MDG (New Arts International)

MDR Klassik (Select)

Medici Masters (Select)

Melba Recordings (Proper Note)

Melodia (Select)

Membran (Discovery Records)

Memory Lane (Proper Note)

Metro (Discovery Records)

Mirare (Harmonia Mundi)

MN Records (Select)

Mode (Harmonia Mundi)

Music & Arts (Discovery Records)

Music & Media (Discovery Records)

Musica Rediviva (Discovery Records)

Musica Sveciae (Discovery Records)

Muso (Harmonia Mundi)

Myrios (Harmonia Mundi)

Myto (New Arts International)


Naive (Harmonia Mundi)

Naxos (Select)

NCA (New Classical Adventure) (Proper Note)

Neos (New Arts International)

Netmark (Discovery Records)

Neu Records (Proper Note)

New World Records (New Arts International)

Newton Classics (Select)

Nightingale Classics (Select)

Nimbus Alliance (Discovery Records)

NM Classics (New Arts International)

NMC (RSK Entertainment)

Nonclassical (Select)

Novum (Select)

Nuova Era (Proper Note)


Oboe Classics (Discovery Records)

Obsidian (Select)

Odradek Records (Proper Note)

Oehms Classics (Select)

Omnibus Classics (Select)

Ondine (Select)

Onyx Classics (Harmonia Mundi)

Opella Nova (Harmonia Mundi)

Opera Australia (Select)

Opera D’Oro (New Arts International)

Opera Rara (Select)

Opus Arte (Select)

Orange Mountain Music (Discovery Records)

Orchestral Concert CDs (Discovery Records)

Orchid Classics (Select)

Orfeo (Harmonia Mundi)

Oriente Musik (Discovery Records)

Orlando Records (Select)

OSJ Alive (Discovery Records)

Our Recordings (Select)

OxRecs Digital (Discovery Records)


Paladino (Select)

Pan Classics (Harmonia Mundi)

Paradizo (Harmonia Mundi)

Paraty (Harmonia Mundi)

Passacaille (Discovery Records)

Patria Productions (Discovery Records)

Penguin Café (Select)

Pentatone (RSK Entertainment)

Phaia (Discovery Records)

Phi (RSK Entertainment)

Philharmonia Baroque (Harmonia Mundi)

Philips France (Discovery Records)

Phoenix Edition (Select)

Phono Suecia (Discovery Records)

Pi Recordings (New Arts International)

Piano 21 (New Arts International)

Pneuma (Discovery Records)

Ponderosa (Discovery Records)

Pook Music (Select)

Praga Digitals (Harmonia Mundi)

Preiser (New Arts International)

Preisner Productions (Proper Note)

Prelude (Select)

Prima Facie (Proper Note)

Pro Musica (Proper Note)

Profil (Select)

Prophone (Select)

Proprius (Select)


Quantum (Discovery Records)

Quartz Music Limited (Discovery Records)


Radio France (Harmonia Mundi)

RAM (Harmonia Mundi)

Ramee (RSK Entertainment)

RCA Victor (Discovery Records)

RCO Live (Harmonia Mundi)

RCOC (Harmonia Mundi)

Red Priest (Discovery Records)

Reference Recordings (Select)

Relief (Discovery Records)

Resonance Records (New Arts International)

Ricercar (RSK Entertainment)

River Productions (Discovery Records)

ROH Heritage (Select)

Rondeau Production (Select)

RTE Lyric FM (Discovery Records)


Sadlers Wells (Select)

Sain Records (Discovery Records)

Saphir Productions (Select)

Sarabande Records (Select)

SDG (Select)

Seventh Art (Select)

SFZ (Harmonia Mundi)

Signum Classics (Harmonia Mundi)

Simax (Proper Note)

Simply (Discovery Records)

Sisyphe (Discovery Records)

Sleeveless Records (Discovery Records)

Smekkleysa (Discovery Records)

Smudged Discs (Select)

Soho (Discovery Records)

Somm Recordings (Select)

Sonamusica (Discovery Records)

Sonimage (RSK Entertainment)

Sono Luminus (Select)

Sospiro Records (Select)

Steinway & Sons (Select)

Sterling (New Arts International)

Stone Records (Select)

Storyville Films (Select)

Stradivarius (Harmonia Mundi)

Supraphon (RSK Entertainment)


Tacet (New Arts International)

Tactus (Select)

Tafelmusik (Select)

TDK (Select)

Teatro Real (Select)

Telarc Classical (Proper Note)

Telos Music (Select)

Timpani (Select)

Toccata Classics (Select)

Tonstudio (Discovery Records)

Tony Palmer DVDs (Proper Note)

Triton (Proper Note)

Turtle Records (Proper Note)


UH Recordings (Discovery Records)

Unicorn Kanchana (Harmonia Mundi)

United Classics (Select)


VAI (Discovery Records)

Varese Sarabande (Discovery Records)


Walhall (Harmonia Mundi)

Wergo (Harmonia Mundi)

West Hill Radio Archive (Discovery Records)

Wigmore Hall Live (Harmonia Mundi)

Winter & Winter (Harmonia Mundi)


Ysaye (Harmonia Mundi)


Zig-Zag Territoires (RSK Entertainment)


2L (Discovery Records)

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