Linn launches high-quality 'radio'

James JollyWed 2nd June 2010
Linn Radio - high-spec 'radio'Linn Radio - high-spec 'radio'

320kbps streams of its jazz and classical catalogues

If you love great music - classily performed - and superbly recorded,­ and adore radio, Linn has just launched something for you. Linn Radio streams at 320kbps - the highest on the web (and twice the bit-rate of normal DAB radio) - and the sound quality from a company renowned for the "hi-fi" of its recorded sound) is superb. If you've a Squeezebox (or similar wireless network music player) which allows you to link your computer to your hi-fi you'll be able to listen to Linn's jazz and classical offerings in really impressive sound. Even if you just plug your headphones into your laptop or PC you'll be amazed at the fidelity of the sound. The music comes from the Linn catalogue and is offered in three channels: mixed classical and jazz rather appealing if your musical taste can cope with jumping from a Mozart symphony movement to a jazzed-up song from Porgy and Bess); jazz and classical. It’d be good if this started something of a trend among broadcasters too… it really does sound rather wonderful!

James Jolly

James Jolly is Gramophone's Editor-in-Chief. After four years of co-presenting BBC Radio 3's weekday morning programme "Classical Collection" has moved to Sunday mornings, with Rob Cowan his fellow presenter. His blogs will explore live and recorded music, as well as downloading and digital delivery.

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