Video of the Day: What makes it 'classical'?

Jonathan Whiting
Monday, November 6, 2023

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma asks why 'classical music' has the name it does - and what questions that raises

In today's video of the day Yo-Yo Ma talks to Alexis Ffrench about why the term 'classical' is affixed to such a wide variety of music, and yet is not considered world music. 

What we call our genre is a dilemma that has faced classical music artists, critics, promoters and academics for many years. The term 'classical' itself is ambiguous: as well as covering the entire art form, it specifically relates to the music of Mozart, Haydn and their 18th contrary contemporaries - as well as, in a more general context, the ancient world of antiquity! Listen below as one of today's leading cellists and thinkers on music explores the theme. 

This interview was part of Apple Music's Classical Connections Radio with Alexis Ffrench.

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