Video of the Day: organist Nicholas Morris performs 'Glitterball' by Fraz Ireland

Hattie Butterworth
Monday, May 13, 2024

A new piece for organ performed by Nicholas Morris explores the possibilities of registration and leaves organists to interpret its soundscape

‘I wanted to leave some freedom over the exact stops so that any organist with any instrument will be able to bring their own interpretation to it; not to micro-manage, but to trust the performer.’ This is what composer Fraz Ireland says of their piece Glitterball for solo organ, premiered and performed by Nicholas Morris and our Video of the Day for today.

Part of Choir & Organ's New Music scheme for 2024, Fraz Ireland is a composer and percussionist whose work often explores a provocative and playful relationship with the audience, engaging with storytelling, and sometimes incorporating extra-musical elements including text, video, and images. Glitterball is their first solo work for the organ.

Fraz Ireland | Nicholas Morris

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