Sean Shibe on his new album 'Camino'

Friday, August 20, 2021

The Scottish guitarist, and first Gramophone Concept Album Award winner, talks about his first album for Pentatone

Sean Shibe has just released a new album, 'Camino', an exploration of the cross-fertilisation of French and Spanish music, and built around the gentle sound world of Federico Mompou. He talks to James Jolly about the stop-start music-making experience of the pandemic and how it focused his mind on exploring Spanish music for the first time on record. A passionate advocate for new music, Shibe also reveals what he's been up to on the contemporary music front.

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You can listen to the Podcast below, as well as to Sean Shibe's new album on Apple Music in lossless audio. To hear other Gramophone podcasts, or to subscribe for free to new editions, search for 'Gramophone Magazine' in your Podcast application of choice, or visit Gramophone's page on Apple Music podcasts.

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