Review of Grieg Orchestral Works

Grieg Orchestral Works

Einar Steen Nökleberg | London Symphony Orchestra | Per Dreier

Souvenir Records

There are 19 versions of this concerto in the current Gramophone Classical Catalogue and they include some of the world's...

Reviewed in issue 3/1984

Review of Dowland Consort Music and Songs

Dowland Consort Music and Songs

Catherine King | Jacob Heringman | Rose Consort of Viols


The final 14 items in Dowland’s Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares have been presented in a variety of ways in integral...

Reviewed by John Duarte in issue: 11/1997

Review of Music for the Courts of Europe

Music for the Courts of Europe

(Philip) Jones Brass Ensemble


The majestic sound of assembled brass is well suited to the music of Henry VIII, a monarch of majestic proportions,...

Reviewed by John Duarte in issue: 7/1988

Review of Kurtág (Die) Sieben Worte; Messiaen Visions de l'Amen

Kurtág (Die) Sieben Worte; Messiaen Visions de l'Amen

Andreas Grau | Götz Schumacher

Col legno

Messiaen’s two-piano cycle Visions de l’Amen hardly lacks for first-rate recordings, yet there’s always room for a strong new contender....

Reviewed by Jed Distler in issue: 4/2006

Review of From Jewish Life - Works for Cello & Piano

From Jewish Life - Works for Cello & Piano

John Lenehan | Paul Marleyn


Although it takes in a wide range of Jewish repertoire, composed and traditional, this collection centres on the more familiar...

Reviewed by Ivan March in issue: 6/2004

Review of 50 Years of the Holland Festival

50 Years of the Holland Festival

(John) Alldis Choir | (Royal) Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam | (The) Hague Residentie Orchestra | Alessandra Marc | Amsterdam Wind Orchestra | Anna Larsson | Asko Ensemble | Barry McDaniel | Benjamin Britten | Bernard Kruysen


Readers who recall broadcasting in the late-1940s and early-1950s will have reason to thank the Holland Festival for many memorable...

Reviewed by Robert Layton in issue: 10/1997

Review of Brahms: Piano Works

Brahms: Piano Works

François-René Duchâble | Lilya Zilberstein


Lilya Zilberstein made her DG recording debut with a disc of Rachmaninov and Shostakovich (12/90) of which DJF was most...

Reviewed by Christopher Headington in issue: 3/1991

Review of Mozart: Concert Arias

Mozart: Concert Arias

English Chamber Orchestra | György Fischer | Jeffrey Tate | Kiri Te Kanawa | Mitsuko Uchida | Vienna Chamber Orchestra

Six years separate these two recordings: years in which Dame Kiri Te Kanawa has refined her Mozartian style, and developed...

Reviewed by hfinch in issue: 10/1988

Review of Rod Franks - Saving Face

Rod Franks - Saving Face

Andrew Parnell | Black Dyke Band | Bryan Hurdley | Chris Jeans | Coldstream Guards Regimental Band | Fodens (Courtois) Band | Ian D. McElligott | Ian Dixon | James Gourlay | Nicholas J. Childs


This programme is rather more than a celebration of one of Britain’s leading instrumentalists. It emanates from a selection of...

Reviewed by Jonathan Freeman-Attwood in issue: 10/2003

Review of Famous Italian Baritones

Famous Italian Baritones

(Anonymous) Orchestra | Antonio Magini-Coletti | Antonio Scotti | Apollo Granforte | Benvenuto Franci | Carlo Galeffi | Carlo Sabajno | Carlo Tagliabue | Cesare Formichi | Domenico Viglione-Borghese

Lebendige Vergangenheit

Only 60 years lie between the birth of Mattia Battistini and that of Giuseppe Taddei, and only 45 between the...

Reviewed in issue 4/1996

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